Weekend Reads: Happy Halloween

It's getting chilly. Although oddly there have been a couple days of 70 degree weather in Boston, the forecasters are predicting a (shrinking) chance of snow this weekend. SNOW! This morning I wore gloves. I've seen quite a few people rocking the puffy jacket already. I made lasagna last week! It feels like fall and that means it's time to start thinking... holiday presents! I like to get them 'out of the way' so I get things I like for people rather than getting down to the wire and feeling pressure to just get them something. I'll do a post on some thoughts for presents soon... First I have to do a bit of brainstorming! Have you started shopping yet?

The above is awesome. Enjoy!

Ghost fashion.

"Duct tape" or "Duck tape"? The answer.

For everyone wanting to exchange their Halloween Candy... here's the unofficial exchange guide

The latest cover of a Taylor Swift song by... Kelly Clarkson. She kills it. Girl's got PIPES.

These shoes are so cute!!

This story about dry cleaning for Rent the Runway is SO interesting!!

This looks like the best trip ever. Jewish food. 1 week. NYC? I'm SO jealous of Molly Yeh. I might just have to try and go on that trip next year... although I'm not Jewish. I don't think it matters!

I'm so happy Tim Cook wrote this. He's the only CEO who's out on the Fortune 1000 list. That's important.

A new Haim / Calvin Harris song. You know I love it.

Harry Potter rapping Blackalicious.


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