Weekend Reads: Falling into fall

Photo from Williams Sonoma

I'm making this soup tonight, but using Kale instead of swiss chard... It looks so comforting and delish! It finally feels like fall after a couple balmy days (I can't even tell you how insane the rain was yesterday. Driving through it was legitimately scary!!). This weekend is The Head of the Charles in Boston, so I'm popping over to Cambridge to wish my friend a happy birthday by the side of the river and then to go to alumni village to see some other friends. Should be a great weekend!! With tons of foliage... one of my favorite sights!!!

Great little piece from  Harvard Business Review about storytelling, because honestly, isn't every conversation an opportunity to tell a story?

This $20 cross body bag is kind of cute!

Turn up for what? FLOTUS style. Love MObama.

The latest trailer for Unbroken is here!

Do you guys watch Top Chef? This season is in Boston, so it's a must-watch for me. And there's a Boston contestant! And I like her! Here's an interview with her... I've got to get out to Brookline to try her restaurant!

As marketing dork, I thought these ads by Google were so smart, probably not scalable, but the PR you get from them has to make them worthwhile, right?

With Autumn upon us, Thanksgiving is on my mind. I thought this list of 20 questions was pretty great--I now have a couple questions to ask at the Thanksgiving table! I don't know how my grandparents met, I'd like to know a little more about lessons my parents learned from good / bad experiences... Food for discussion!

Speaking of fall... bruleed fluff on hot cocoa? Now you're talking!!! Although I'm not sure anyone would trust me with a blow torch... :)


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