Christmas Day Activities

If you're like my family, Christmas day is kind of funny. We're adults who do gifts, but we don't get quite as hyper as kiddos do. Our routine is slightly different because of that. We usually wake up, do a crossword or two over coffee, have some breakfast, and then open gifts once we get around to it. 

We do a nice dinner in the evening, but there's so much extra time in the day, what do we do with it?!

Usually, we get involved in a jigsaw puzzle (500 or 1,000 pieces is usually perfect):

I did this Candy puzzle on the Cape this summer with friends and it's pretty great--a little nostalgic, tricky enough, and a lot of fun (Candy Wrappers, $14):

This one is similar but cereal instead: Cereal Boxes - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

I like this holiday-themed puzzle (Checking it Twice, $16

Or, if your family is planning a vacation next year, it could be fun to do a puzzle with that location in mind (Cinque Terre, $17)

Or just something fun,
like this bookshelf one (
Bizarre Bookshop, $13)

And we watch a movie or two:

First up, a couple holiday themed movies:

Home Alone is my ALL TIME favorite holiday themed movie. You can rent it on Amazon for $4 to stream it on Christmas.


Love Actually is right up there, too. Some parts make me cringe (UGH THE BOOM BOX SCENE), but a lot make me cry. One of the best holiday movies around. 

Little Women may not actually be a holiday movie, but it KIND of is. There's a Christmas scene!! (And it's free if you have Prime!)

Or a good, no-sexy-time or other awkward moments since I'm watching this with my parents, type of movie:

Pride & Prejudice is a GREAT one. Classic, funny, moving... Dads might not love it, but most people will, and dads will just go along with it and potentially get something in their eye...

Star Wars: A New Hope, aka, the earliest in the series, would be kind of perfect to watch this holiday, don't you think? And something tells me Dad could totally get into this one. (If you haven't seen them before--GUILTY--this is the order you should watch them in)

Casablanca is a sweet classic that your parents will love because it's nostalgic, and you'll love because it's amazing.


And, depending on the weather, we'll take a walk on the beach or drive a short distance to go somewhere pretty where we can hike off a bit of our over-indulgences.

If you're in MA, The Trustees of the Reservation have some really nice properties. On Cape Ann we like Coolidge Reservation,  Halibut Point, and Ravenswood. Though the Stavros reservation in Essex looks great, too! 

What do you do on Christmas? 

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