Weekend Reads: Last weekend before Christmas!

Happy weekend before Christmas!! I just popped by the J Crew Factory store and grabbed some stocking stuffers for the fam. Are you done with shopping yet?! My trip to Austin last weekend was SO MUCH FUN. More to come on that, but I ate tacos, queso, drank coffee, mixed drinks, beer, wine, all of the drinks. I laughed and giggled and shopped and had a seriously wonderful time catching up with friends and making new ones. I highly recommend a trip to Austin, or just a trip to reconnect with your friends. It will make you happy. Here are some reads for the week:

How to survive a long plane ride (coulda used this last week!) (via Cup of Jo)

THIS IS ME! On happy people (via Oh Joy!)

Great apartment tour on Cup of Jo this week

I made these chocolate meringues for my Food52 Holiday Swap and they were such a hit... (via Baker's Royale) And this soaked oatmeal seems like what I had for breakfast from Jugos and was delish. Might need to try it! (via the Kitchn)

Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy (via Vanity Fair)

Barbara Lynch (Bostonian Chef) in her home kitchen (via NYTs) Joe Jonas kept a food diary. And it's hilariously absurd. (via Grubstreet) This made me laugh (via the Onion)

Soppy, these illustrations of love in the small things are so sweet (via HuffPo) These wildlife pictures in the comedy category are pretty awesome.

Some great things that happened this year. (via Buzzfeed) 17 beautifully illustrated children's books from this year (via Buzzfeed) 

Kids should be allowed to read whatever they want (via BookRiot) And dance however they want with Santa (THIS IS AMAZING) (via Mashable)

Guess what. My friend got Adele tickets and is BRINGING ME!!!! 17 tweets only people who tried to get Adele tickets will understand (via Buzzfeed) A lovely new song (from Dave Cobb of The Civil Wars) (via NPR)

Interesting article about the history of Anger in America (and New England!) (via NYTs)


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