Weekend Reads: Dashing off to Austin!

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I'm in Austin this weekend visiting a friend an I can't wait for the warm(er) weather, accents, tacos, and just a moment to escape the holiday madness. Bon Voyage! (Wait, is that what the traveller says or what the person not travelling... hmmm... maybe Wish you were here is more apropos?)

Home Alone, best holiday movie ever. Now it's 25 years old. SO OLD. Let's put out traps for Santa this year. 

Winona Ryder is in Marc Jacob's spring 2015 campaign, I <3 her. (via Vogue UK) And here are Winona's style rules (via TMR) The Man Repeller ladies as J Crew Models.

Local Interest: How the tiny island of Nantucket became the whaling capital of the world (via the Smithsonian) The big orange dinosaur on Route 1 has it's own beer (via Boston Magazine)

21 authors on their favorite bookstores, none in Austin or Boston, sadly (via Mental Floss)

Interesting look at Obama's speech on Sunday in the Atlantic and how ideologically different his outlook is than the republicans currently running for president. 

Five things to hang on your Christmas Tree besides ornaments (via Apartment Therapy) NPR's Book Concierge is the best for gift giving ideas! A Bookish Version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (via Book Riot)

This salted honey ice cream and fudge pie looks amaze (via The Galley Ice Cream)

Do you wear hair elastics on you wrist? Do they leave you with a red, ugly mark on your wrist? Well, me too. I was complaining to my coworker and she said she saw this bracelet that protects your wrist. I looked it up and ordered two! (I'll report back)

Netflix has no Chill--they're doubling the amount of original for 2016. I'm worried I may become a shut in. (via Vanity Fair) The Full list of Golden Globe nominees (aka movies I'm going to try and see, ha) (via Forbes)


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