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The California Philharmonic put a modern spin on The Nutcracker with hip-hop dancing!
Posted by BuzzFeed on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

5 wine myths (via Food52)

I kind of want to make marmalade after reading this scientific test! (via Kitchen Heals Soul)

Star Wars as a radio drama, so cool! (via NPR) An image of the next Bridget Jones movie (I already like the plot more than the book based on the pic!) (via Vanity Fair)

I love Taylor Swift, but also loved this Tina and Amy sketch on SNL. Ha! (via Vanity Fair) Also, OMG the Meet your Second Wife sketch was AWFUL (and by awful I mean Awfully hilarious) because it's true

Every 16 year old in Sweden got a copy of We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (via NPR) The New Yorker's year in poems. Introducing Buzzfeed's emerging writers fellows (via Paper) 

I'm dreaming of fun trips and this trip to Nicaragua looks AMAZING. Maybe in 2017... 

These photos of Mongolian hunters hunting with eagles are beautiful (via Mother Jones) The  NYTs year in photos is shocking, beautiful, and thoughtful.

A holiday puzzle: Can you find the Panda? I did! (after a few tries... ha!) A heartwarming story about how Mall Santas (and other Santas) have upped the bar this year on compassion (via NYTs)

Have you been following the Mast Brothers chocolate drama? So interesting. (via lots of places including Eater and NYTs) They do have beautiful packaging, but are so expensive I haven't actually tried it. I do love Taza, though! (Local to me!!)

Ok, these momversation ads by Geico are so. on. point. I was giggling. (via adweek)

I'm so into Podcasts and this list of 50 best episodes of 2015 (not casts, but EPISODES) is awesome and getting me stoked about spending time in traffic (via the Atlantic)

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen as a ballet (via Buzzfeed)


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