Weekend Reads: I'm back!!

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I had an absolute blast in Italy. I'll write more as I load and edit my photos, but for now, I'm back, battling jet lag, trying to say "Thank You" instead of "gratzi" when someone holds the door for me, and trying to drink the swill we refer to as coffee ;) You can see some highlights from my trip on Instagram. I'm so glad I gave myself a short week to get back into the swing of things. It's already the weekend! 

Here are a few things to read this weekend:

A great comparison of the three subscription food services out there right now. (via Business Insider)

New Yorkers and their black wardrobes (via NY Mag)

Me too, me too. (via Food52)

Self Driving Ubers? (via TechCrunch) Uber and Tipping (via NYTs)

I'm a fan of HRC, and this op-ed exposes a kernel of truth for me about why I support her. (via NYTs)

Peregrine Falcon tagging in Boston, the history is neat--as is the success! (via Mass Audubon) The "selfie culture" is endangering animals--and it's easily preventable. (via NYTs)

Your unread book pile (I have some pruning to do on my GoodReads "to read" list...) (via Book Riot)

New couple alert on GOTs!! Word from the creators (via Vanity Fair)

Let's hope there's a back room in Palm Beach, hahaha (Town and Country)

Julia Child's home in France, Air B&B, and an essay contest? I'm in! (via CNT)


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