Weekend Reads: Long Weekend!

It's Memorial Day! And the weather is crazy... it's suddenly 90 degrees in Boston so I've convinced my dad to go to the beach with me tomorrow. We'll be under the umbrella dipping our toes into the (freezing) ocean and enjoying a beer or a bloody mary. What are you up to this weekend?

For Memorial Day, this  UV patch that tells you how much UV you've been exposed to, might be a good investment (if it's going to be sunny, anyway) (via FC)

The math of Scrabble. (Kottke) A town in the Arctic Circle is being moved two miles (via NYTs) Luck. (via NYTs--a good read)

This article about slaves sold by Georgetown to keep the University afloat is so heartbreaking. (via NYTs) Lena Dunham on the habit of over-apologizing (via LinkedIn)

Cooking advice from grandmothers (via Dinner: a Love Fest)  Updated wine lexicon (via Bon Appetit) Cheap date in Hanoi (via Grub Street) Instagram Gold (hahaha) (via Food52) A few fun (EASY) ways to frost a cake (via Today's Parent... wha?) Yum, Ice Cream Flavors (via Bon Appetit)

Apparently there's nothing special about breakfast (other than that I love it). (via NYTs) But then again, there is. (via Food52)

Which Rock Star will be emblematic of Rock itself? (via NYTs) I like this guy's collages (via Flickr) How I learned to Love Snapchat (I'm tryyying!) (via NYTs)

Tips for eating outside this summer (via Oh Happy Day) A Martha's Vineyard getaway that I'm so jealous of (via Boston.com)

Which Boston Actor would Tom Brady want to play him in a movie? (via Boston)

I love this cute clutch, but where would I wear it!?


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