Weekend Reads: I'm leaving on a jet plane

GUYS. Tonight's the night. I'm jumping on a plane bound for Italy. Will you miss me? Follow along on my Insta! Hope you have a great weekend. Here are some things to read while I'm gone:

Handmaid's Tale is going to be a series?! With Elizabeth Moss?! (via Book Riot) And The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is ALSO coming to the medium screen at HBO (via BookRiot) AND WONDER?!!? (via EW) Readers voted on the best book club books of 2015. (via Shelf-Awareness) Um, Andrew Luck started a book club?! Cool! (via WaPo)

The most effective bug repellents (via NPR)

Hehehe. Tweets about the Met Gala (via Elle) A 100 year old model for Vogue. Pretty dang pretty. (via Facebook)

SPOILERS AHEAD (it's almost been a week, get your priorities straight!!): Raise your hand if you hate Ramsey Bolton. Everyone? Yeah, I thought so. (And so did he). (via NYTs) Super detailed and crazy theory of succession for the Iron Throne. (via, obviously, Buzzfeed) For Jon Snow fans (via YouTube)

Local Chef JoAnn Chang has won a James Beard Award. (via Eater) Here are 18 recipes from the new winners. (via Food52)

This interview with Channing Tatum is pretty amazing. (via HuffPo)

Promprosals are apparently a thing and give me intense secondhand embarrassment. (via NYTs)

AllRecipes.com reveals the gap between foodies and real Americans. My mom and I were JUST discussing this, sort of. She thinks I'm snobby about food. I think I like to try and eat stuff that isn't overly processed and only pay for food that's going to be good, not just east. (via Slate) And here's an op-ed about how the big food companies are not keeping pace with consumer demands. I found it incredibly interesting. (via NYTs)

Ok, this is pretty hilarious. (via NYer)

I like this police man and his crime fighting kitten (via Buzzfeed)

This millennial is running for office. And I'm impressed. I hope more young people get involved in politics. I wish I had at a younger age! (via UpWorthy)

Finding out you've won a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism (via NYTs)

Great ad from JetBlue and MullenLowe again. (via AdWeek)

Now THIS is a crazy, impressive story of a title: Leicester City Completes Its Implausible Run,

once given 5,000-1 odds, the Foxes clinch Premier League title (the odds makers had the team as less likely to win that Donald Trump to win the Nobel Peace Prize). (via WaPo)

The best twitter feud ever. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Ugh, sad but true.


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