Music Monday: Song of the Summer?

Guys. You knew it was coming. Summer. It's officially MAY (HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN?) and I was just thinking I needed an infusion of great new songs into my playlists and now... the fight for song of the summer has begun. Will it be Beyonce? Rihanna? I don't know, but I'm more than willing to start listening and try to pick a winner. :)

Rihanna and Calvin Harris released a new single last week (only a clip was available online) and I'm kinda loving it! It has an interesting off beat kinda beat, it's a little electronic, the movie is awesome, I can totally see listening to this on repeat until I can't bear to listen to it anymore. It follows in the new Beiber tradition of having a note morphed into something a little different and interesting... Thoughts?


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