Weekend Reads: America's Birthday

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It's my favorite weekend ALL YEAR. The 4th of July. I plan to wear navy and red and white, cheer for the parade, cookout, and celebrate America's birthday! Hope you're celebrating in style. 

Massachusetts = birthplace of Hogwarts, US. WOOT. (via Boston) My fav, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, wrote a fictional short story about the election (via NYTs) My coworker is reading this (well, listening to it on Audible) and is so into it! Psychological thiller... (via Amazon) 

Awesome GOT Chart (SPOILERS) (via HBO GOT blog) And so the election charts begin (via 538) I know so many people who have had babies in the past couple weeks. Naming them must be such a challenge! A history of fictional celebrity names (via Hollywood Reporter) A few good totes for books (via Omnivoracious)

Adnan is getting a new trial!!!! (via NYTs) Raising money from millennials (by a friend's cousin) (via Forbes) This is a great, inspiring article with a woman I'm acquaintances with and have a giant girl-crush on. She's so impressive. Here's a quote: Women are not willing to wait another 40 years for the gender pay gap to close, which is the trajectory at the current rate of change; the gender pay gap is not expected to close until 2058. Looking back to the 1950s, when sexism in the workplace was the norm, it’s a sad reflection on a society that you would have to wait 100 years to close the gender pay gap. I think this is a critical time. Society is ready for change and women aren’t willing to accept this inequity anymore. (via her husband's post on Facebook ;) ) Good People. (via NYTs)

Olympic trials are happening, and I'm getting excited. U.S. Women's gymnastics, lots of new names in the swim competition, triplets are competing!, (via lots of places)  Vince and Tom and Gisele: supermodels (via ESPN)

These plates are cute, and make a difference (via Glamour) Dads are silly (via BuzzFeed) Great ad by a guy I used to work with. (via AdWeek)


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