Weekend Reads: Another sad week

Today and the killings that happened in the US this week are not OK and I don't quite know how to respond at the moment. 

Because I'm not totally sure how to handle the sadness, outrage, and despair I feel, and can't even come close to understanding what black families, the families of the victims in Baton Rouge, Michigan, and Dallas are going through, here are words from other people that seem to make some sort of sense.

Dear White Parents Of My Black Child’s Friends: I Need Your Help (my friend who's a parent to a brown boy posted this on Facebook and it really touched me)
Ohio Police Officer Addresses Deputy Involved in Fatal Shooting of Alton Sterling 2016 (I'm guessing you've seen this, but it really moved me)
A Small and Needful Act (a friend posted this poem on Facebook and it's pretty incredible)

It’s My Job to Raise Children Who Are Not Only Not Racist But Actively Anti-Racist

This poem by Ross Gay (A friend posted it on Facebook yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it)

And a bit of an antidote #carefreeblackkids2016 (below)

And some reads for your weekend:

Turning a downpour into something great (via AdWeek) Casual gratitude (via the Atlantic) This is hilarious (via NYer) Bro culture on Wall St.--really interesting short read (via NYTs) 

A super interesting article on... Cast Iron Pans? I promise!! (via NYTs) I do this, and it's the best, prettiest booze upgrade ever (via The Kitchn) Pasta may not be as bad for you as we thought I am willing to believe things that tell me what I want to hear, BTW (via Quartz) Which foods are healthy according to nutritionists and America--and where they disagree (via NYTs) ICE CREAM STAMPS (via the Kitchn) Well, this is not your average eating contest (via eater)

How to start collecting books (via Medium) 

Travel bucket list. Sign me up. (via Travel & Leisure) Friend goals (HONY via Buzzfeed)


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