Weekend Reads: Belated!

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This is a week of belated posts for me! It's been a little crazy at work and personally, but everything is going well! Guess what. I got into Business School! I'm doing a part time program and am really excited--though a little afraid of the math/econ stuff. I'm sure I'll get it, it just might not be intuitive for me... But, that's a good thing. Time to expand my brain!! :) And time to expand yours too. Some reading for the weekend, below:

The 10 best Modern Love columns (via NYTs) I wish all interactions could be solved this wonderfully #GoTeamRed (via a friend on Facebook) This is great :) (via Seattle Times) The transcript of Obama's speech about race relations and the police. Really moving. (via the WaPo) How technology disrupted the truth (via the Guardian, long read, but SO GOOD)

The Kitchn is doing a great series on what authors snack on in the middle of the night. MFK Fischer, Lauren Weisberger, What you read makes a difference (shut down that computer and pull out the book on your shelf you've been meaning to read!) (via quartz) Shakespeare and Co. near Notre Dame isn't the original Shakespeare and Co. (via the Daily Beast) The grumpy librarian is hilarious. And I'm basically #2 #sorrynotsorry. (via LitHub)

A toolkit for women asking for a raise (via NYTs) The US Gymnastics team is amazing. What a tough trial! (via HuffPo) This woman was the class above me at Colby! (via NYTs) Go Jennifer Aniston. GO. (via HuffPo)

Dirty Water swimming in the Charles? Love it! (via Boston.com) Aloe Vera is a scam (via theringer) Meet the playlist makers who influence what music we listen to (via Buzzfeed) Obama is really into alone time. (via NYTs) How to make coffee (via NYTs) Emmy nominations are here! As are the snubs. (via NYTs)

This game is taking over and it's so weird! Are you playing? (via SFist.com) An Adult's guide to Pokemon Go (via Buzzfeed) Animal Shelter's are trying to take advantage of the Pokemon Go Players on the move (via HuffPo) 


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