Weekend Reads: Babygirl, respect is just a minimum

Well, it's hard not to be political these days. And I just can't manage it. So, it's fair to say I'm a happy lady today, despite having cried very hard last night, this morning, and really, every night/morning of the DNC. I hope you feel the same.

Here are some things to read this weekend: 

The DNC was this week and at first, the beginning of that first night, I had high anxiety and was kind of like ugh, but then I ended up all AMERICA [insert happy cry emojis and American flag emojis]. Michele Obama is an incredible role model and her speech moved me, made me proud, and inspired me. (vai NY Mag)  Assumpsit (via Merriman)  That tie tho. (via Quartz) Loved. Loved. Loved. Obama's speech (via NYer) Dad Jokes (via Slate)

The Booker Longlist, I haven't read a single one. #shame (via The Millions) This children's book is so beautifully illustrated! (via Brain Pickings) 

My boss LOVES Howard Stern, and this article is so illuminating about how he's gone from shock-jock to one of the best interviewers in the country (via NYTs) Michael Jordan did something that I find pretty amazing. (via Undefeated) WOW, go California. MA, take note. (via LA Times, via Cup of Jo) And go Navy! (via Human Rights Counsel)

Sweet potato toast? Hmmmm (via Domino) Coffee at War (via NPR)

Like a tiny vacation on your computer (via CNT) Take me to Corsica (via NYTs)  20 Air BNBs to feast your eyes on (via Domino) 

Rescue dogs teach you so much. Someday... (via The Everygirl) Clear your November calendar... Gilmore Girls is coming! (via Buzzfeed)

The Olympics are almost here! Scandals of past Olympics (via Elle)


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