Weekend Reads: Study day

It snowed this week, which meant a snow day for me yesterday. Thank goodness because I really needed to focus on my financial reporting class--the thought process is so outside my realm of comfort, I keep thinking I'm almost there, almost grasping the concept, but then it slips from under me and I'm lost again. The day off meant watching videos, taking more notes, reading reading reading and underlining, and I still feel behind the eight ball. Is there anything you just aren't great at? I'm fine with not being good at accounting, but I'm not fine with poor grades, so I need to whip this weakness into a manageable shape for the next few weeks so I can muscle through it.

The Schuyler Sisters for the win. #sisterhood (via Glamour) Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of Spicer on SNL was excellent (via NYTs) This 22 year old is at NASA. Wow. Not a hidden figure! (via HuffPo) Hillary believes in the women of the world (via Rolling Stone) Hidden Figures is already inspiring girls to go into STEM! (via HuffPo)

I am so old. This article actually taught me about Cash Me Outside. Hahahaha. Oh Dr. Phil. (via NYMag) 

 And Heinz for the win (via Fortune) SB spots ranked  (via AdAge) Advice to my younger self (via Cup of Jo)

This guide to buying a rug was super informative and great--I need one for my living room! (I definitely bought a non-natural fiber rug from Ikea for a "time-being" purchase) (via YHL)

I don't think this goes under my Trump / political category, but Assad and the executions in Syrian prisons is absolutely horrifying. It just makes my heart ache for refugees. How can we help?!?! (via The Atlantic)

Not normal:
Chilling, true, this is moral creep and we can't allow it to happen: ordinary Americans carried out inhuman acts for Trump last week. (via Baltimore Sun)
This is heartbreaking. How can we keep people like this out of our country? (via NYTs)
I can't believe this is real life. (via NYTs)


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