Calling your reps: Phone Phobia

The weirdest thing about the mobile phone era is the anxiety I have about actually talking on the phone. I like to text. I prefer to email. There's less of a chance I come across as an insane person.

This is tricky when it comes to the Trump presidency, because it necessitates that I make lots and lots of calls. Calls to my senators. Calls to my reps. Calls to the ethics committee. Calls to the heads of the Democratic Party. Calls to the mayor and governor and anyone who seems like they should hear from me.

But the upside of this mass of calls is that... I'm suddenly losing my phone anxiety. The aides in these offices often feel the same way I do. They answer when I ask them questions (i.e. what can we even do about EO's?!) and are kind when I accidentally burst into tears at the prospect of a Muslim ban or de-funding Planned Parenthood.

Join me in making these calls. It's important. And it has an effect. 

Calling has more of an effect than emailing (via NYTs)
Here's a "how to" guide (via Refinery29)
They hear you. (via WaPo)

I call on my commute home, and I get prompts from Daily Action (a daily text!). 

Call because you care.

And tell me how it went!!


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