Weekend Reads: Sunsets make everything better

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Last weekend I studied, played at the playground, took a beautiful walk with my mom, and saw some Oscar flicks. It was a beautiful sunset walk on Singing Beach--tons of people were out, dogs were so happy, the pink was reflecting on the water, and it was just so serene. Made me wish I lived in the burbs and could do that walk more frequently. A really great long weekend, though it made me want a 3-day weekend every week. Hmmmm. How do we make that happen!?!?! This weekend, I'll be on campus but also staying at a friend's in the burbs. I'm so excited to see her b/c she lived close to me in the city and I miss seeing her all the time. (And her husband, and her daughter).

This is beautiful. This is what the EPA was designed to protect. Good god what are we doing? (via NPR) This was great (via Mashable)

Jay-Z is the first rapper to be inducted to the hall of fame. HE TOTALLY DESERVES IT! (via NPR) This is fun. (via Kottke) Hehehe. (via Bored Panda)

I'm in the midst of listening to Barbarian Days on Audible and really enjoying it. (I have 13 hours left, hahaha). Your literary guide to the Oscars (via LitHub) Two beautiful picture books (via Omnivoracious) The loneliness of longing for other people's apartments (via NYer)

Why facts don't change our minds (via The NYer)This article about the ineffectiveness of some common medical treatments was really interesting. (via the Atlantic)

The movie Get Out got a 100 on Rotten Tomatoes (by Jordan Peele). I definitely want to see it! (via Mashable)

Dining alone at a restaurant (via Cup of Jo)

The 10 best sellers from Ikea (so guilty of owning some of these...) (via AT)


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