Eating with my hands wasn't as gross as expected.

I've been rather scared of eating with my hands. I mean, cookies--yes. Chips and salsa--of course! Stewed chicken? Rice? Hummus? Not so clean. Kind of weird. Not so sure I'm into it. BUT. I want to try new things and get out of my comfort zone since I'm almost 30.

So, last night, 3 of my friends and I went to try Ethiopian food. We went to this place in the South End in Boston, Addis Red Sea. The staff was super nice, and the place was bigger (a couple floors) and busier (whoa intense line!) than I ever expected. Unfortunately, they forgot to renew their liquor license, but other than that, it was delicious and amazing.

We sat around this round table made of reeds. It was tiny. Like, smaller than my coffee table. I saw other people eating from it and mentally prepared myself.

Here's what we had:
Appetizer - Sambusa - Pastry filled with Lentils and green peppers spiced with cumin, garlic, onion, with a touch of nutmeg. It was good! A little dry, and a little fried, but it started me off with something that I knew how to eat.

Some delicious african tea--tasted like chai.

Dinner - Basically, your food is delivered on a huge tray with everyone else's dinner on the same plate--four pancake-like (but not sweet) gigantic pieces of bread called Injera. Spongey and really good.  
I went for a combination dish, which I would absolutely recommend.

It was called Doro Wot Combination - Tender chicken marinated in lemon sautéed with butter, stewed in a red pepper sauce, served with your choice of three vegetarian dishes. 
The chicken: was super spicy, which I read was the way to go at this place. I also got the below veggie dishes (all the veggie dishes are vegan!)
Kinche* - Cracked wheat blended with herbed oil or butter and spices.--Next time, I wouldn't get this--it was super bland, like rice.
Butecha - Chickpea paste blended with oil, lemon juice, green pepper and black pepper.--This tasted like a thick hummus
Yesmir Wot* - Lentils simmered in a spicy hot berbere sauce.-I liked this one a lot

My friends got:
-Beef (on the right) it was a little vinegar-y per their review
-Lamb (on the left) I forget how that was...
-The same as me, but with different veggies! Collard greens, mixed veggies, and split peas.

AND, I knocked another one off the 30 before 30 list!

A short recap:

30 Things before I’m 30:
1.       Learn to braid and fishtail my hair
2.       Have an adult, sit down, dinner party
3.       Go to an outdoor movie with a picnic (So, I went to an outdoor play with a picnic, but sigh, no movie)
4.       Pay for the coffee of someone behind me in line (Yep, did this at Crema, my fav cafe)
6.       Take a class at the center for adult ed
7.       Go to Hammersleys (a super expensive restaurant near me that I’ve never been to and it taunts me on my daily walk to the subway).(DAD TOOK ME FOR MY BDAY! And, it was redonk. We both are a little in love with Gordon Hammersley, if we’re really being honest with ourselves)
8.       Take my friends on naughty north shore excursions (like to SalemRockport, and NewburyportAmanda and I (and my mom) went to see Livingston Taylor up in Rockport at the Shalin Liu center. If you have the chance, go! It’s amazing and beautiful. Livingston is a teacher at Berklee, so one of his old students played too. Julia Easterlin. SO SO GOOD.
9.       Go out to dinner by myself
10.   Bake bread (in honor of my grandmother) In fact… I had the croutons I made from said bread on soup last night! See the recipe here.
11.   Go on the London Eye
13.   Go to a music festival ( ACL with Allison—and Molly & Adam, was awesome)
14.   Make a soufflé  (Did this with Lily and Lindsay!!!! Check out the recipe here.)
15.   Watch the Godfather and the Star wars movies 
16.   Write a good story and share it with people
17.   Learn how to use a power tool
18.   Plan an amazing trip
19.   Send a hand written note to someone who made an impact on my life
20.   Learn to take better pictures
21.   Make ricotta from scratch (Did it! Mom helped.)
22.   Keep a plant alive (for at least 3 months) (THIS one is going well. I moved said plants out of my (windowless) bathroom and into the hall where they’re getting sunlight. AND mom said she’d help me re-pot them. Am I a gardener or what???)
23.   Run five miles
24.   Make macaroons and send cookies to someone
25.   Try Ethiopian food (eating with my hands scares me)
26.   Gamble on something
27.   Get one pair of absurdly expensive, beautiful shoes
28.   Get a bike
29.   Have an awesome scavenger hunt in Boston
30.   And finally, tell people about my blog… Yikes! 


  1. my lamb was delicious... remember how quickly I finished???


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