PBS is PB-awesome!

Ok, so, while a huge proponent of most things public (public libraries, public transit, public radio, public displays of affection), I've never really loved PBS. I mean, yes, Grover and Big Bird were my faves as a child, but NOVA? Etc.? Um, no thanks, 'kay bye.

But. I have had a SERIOUS change of heart.

Have you heard of it? Downton Abbey? It's this show that's about to be on it's second season on PBS and it is not only good, it's awesome. Possibly my new fave TV show (better than Revenge. There. I said it.). And. It's Masterpiece Theater. Yep.

Basically, it's about a manor in England just prior to WWI. So, there's the lord, the lady, the mother, the three daughters, and then, there's a whole gigantic staff.

Here's why I love it:
It has SUCH good characters.

There are three daughters, beauties and not so beauties. The oldest needs to get married, the youngest is feisty and interested in women's lib, the middle is resentful but somehow you still like her... They're all confused and trying to make their way.

Their parents are kind and decent and try to do the right thing.

Their grandmother is worldly, snobby and smart, and always gets her way.

Then there are the cousins, whom I won't tell you about so as not to ruin the plot, but soooooo good.

The staff is amazing. Breathtakingly good--Anna and Bates (good) vs. O'Brien and Thomas (bad). Too many fabulous characters to write about.

The costumes are insane.

And the plot is just enthralling.

The titanic sank, the war is about to start, there are servants plotting against each other, feminist theory starting to take hold, generational differences, love and hate and confusion, there are fox hunts and dances, kind people verses ladder climbers. Just so so so good.

I keep meaning to shut it off, but just ONE more episode before bed! Then, all of a sudden it's Midnight and I just can't wait to see what happened to Sybil! Oops.

Here's season 1, episode 1 (you can watch them on PBS or Netflix)

Watch Downton Abbey, Season 1: Ep. 1 on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

Season 2 starts tonight. I have to convince the roomies to get into it.


  1. FUN! I will give it a whirl (also I LOVE Maggie Smith).


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