Ice in my veins

My friends and I have a running joke called "ice in my veins." I'm not sure whether it only refers to me or if others can use it, but in general, I am kind of known for being entirely too nice and likable, however, once I got a little (very) drunk and was mean to one of my good friends (details not necessary). She was like "What the hell kzm?" and I was like "whatever, I have ice in my veins."

Yep. I said that. 

So now, whenever I need to be mean / am trying to be mean, I just mention the ice in my veins as an excuse. It works pretty well. :)

As a side note, I'm addicted to prints--I just love graphic prints with words and fonts. I can't get enough of them.

Combine that ice with a love of literature and prints, and the below is just right up my alley. A Camus quote artfully designed.

by Matthew Kavan Brooks


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