Interrupting Cell Phone

Last week I went to see The Descendants with one of my roommates and my  friend Mandy. Mandy is not what I would call passive. When people are talking during a movie, she will shush them and she will be vocally annoyed when they don’t abide by the shush. The people behind us were loud. I knew what was coming. She shushed them during the previews (now, I’m a super fan of previews, so I appreciated this shushing, I used to be embarrassed, but now I totally like it). Later during the movie, someone a few rows away had their phone go off. Now honestly, after sitting through that 5 minute talking bag o’ popcorn that asks you to turn your phone off—or at least on silent, why is it too difficult for people to reach into their pocket/bag and flip the little ringer switch to “off?” I just don’t get it.

Now, imagine you’re not at a movie, but at a classical music concert. Let’s say you dropped $50 on each ticket to see the show. That’s some cash. How annoyed would you be if someone’s stupid Nokia ring tone started in the middle of a viola solo? I’d be so mad. But wait and see what this amazing Slovakian musician Lukáš Kmit  does—I think you’ll appreciate it. I’m currently looking to see if / when he’ll be in the Boston area so I can appreciate him a little more. They should show this YouTube prior to every classical concert from now on, in my opinion. Who wants to be the embarrassed, lazy person everyone glares at? Not me.


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