Happy 2012!!

I absolutely love love love fireworks. So happy I got to go to a party where we were able to catch a glimpse of them. 

I hung out with two of my girls. We got ready together, which is always the best part, no? We listened to classics (Tupac, Jay-Z, Journey), drank a fabulous bottle of Sancerre--Vincent Graff--my last from my trip to France last year, celebrated with a kir, and generally had a blast ringing in the new year together.

I can't tell you how much I absolutely adore my friends. They make me laugh, think, and generally make me a better person. In 2012, I hope I make them all as proud to be my friend as I am to be theirs. 


  1. love you like white on rice ��

  2. that was a bowl of white rice fyi. you failed to mention blue sequins and our adventure the next day?


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