Love is in the... Mail?

There's something so lovely about mail, isn't there? And for some reason, the winter is the time to send mail. Perhaps it's because we spend time curled up under blankets, sipping tea or cocoa, with something written to look at in the winter. So, holiday cards have come and gone, but there's still Valentine's day.

I used to love totally sappy cards that said exactly what you wanted them to. What was I thinking? Life is tricky enough to navigate, we should add laughter as much as possible, don't you think? Here are some silly (and yet no less heartfelt!) Valentine's cards.

Ha, if you're guilty of xBoxing too much, this is perfect.


HAHAHAHA. Ok fine, it's not a v-day card, but c'mon, hilarious. I'd take it!

Like a Dog loves a Chew Toy
Like Whitney Loves Bobby
Like Bert loves Ernie
Like Beauty loves Beast
Like Prince loves Sequins
So. Many. Options.

Now, get thee to a shop, pick up something that makes you laugh, and send away all willy nilly!

XOXO, Sincerely, Kisses, With love, Smooches, Signing off.


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