Weekend Reads: Flowers are blooming

Happy Friday!!

Something about this week feels like spring is starting to come. I don't know if it's more sunshine the hyacinth blooming on my windowsill and perfuming my apartment air, or what, but I'm feeling like I'm taking deeper breaths, have a little more patience, and am ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to some warmer days. I admit, this morning on my walk to the gym I covered my ears with my mittens because they were so cold and that the snow piles are still waist high (this week I noticed ticker tape in the snow banks which means we're back to Patriots winning the Superbowl levels! Melt snow, melt!!), but now, I just see sunshine and can't help but smile!

I hope you have a great weekend full of smiles!! Here are some reads for you:

This lady got a job at a company I so admire--IDEO. And she's 91.

Ever hear of FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out? Well, now there's a counter... JOMO, Joy Of Missing Out for those people who like to skip plans. ;)

This video of an Umbrella's eye view of NYC in the snow is pretty, but COME ON, who uses umbrellas in the snow? That's just wrong.

Weapons of Mass Instruction

If you're in marketing, chances are you've come across some hilarious stock photos (women laughing with salad, anyone?). Vince Vaughn's latest movie has done SUCH a great promotion--they created (terribly, Photoshopped) stock photography with the cast. Hilarious!

I want to go to this kid's Bar Mitzvah (so bad)

Some great long articles about libraries

A waiver to let kids sled on Capitol Hill, I hope it passes!

The guy who invented K-Cup doesn't use them because they're environmentally unfriendly and they're expensive (and I think not great quality coffee). I've been trying to convince my mom of this forever...

How did those $700 Canada Goose jackets become so ubiquitous?

Cute sequin embroidery from J Crew, although it looks like it might be short...

T Swift and Karlie Kloss on the cover of Vogue, love this!

Why Indian food is so delicious (proven by science)

“At this point, I’ve basically suspended judgment,” said Ben Crair, an editor at the New Republic who recently wrote a column about the new aggression of the period. “You could drive yourself insane trying to decode the hidden messages in other people’s punctuation.” And yet... (!) ;)

Mary Cain, a wunderkind runner

Unknown Basquait notebooks are coming to the Brooklyn Museum and show his thought and creative processes in a really interesting way (apparently. This NYTs magazine profile is so interesting. Makes me want to check that exhibit out.

A woman on the 20, cast your vote for which woman you'd like to see replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill (great campaign!)

It's early admission time, and this post had me laughing so hard:


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