Weekend reads: Too much good stuff

THERE WAS TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF THIS WEEK! Guys. I think everyone got excited that it was spring and posted the coolest things and announced exciting things and wrote things rife with humor. Sorry for the length of this one... (but not sorry, who complains about a wealth of great stuff?!). I'm as happy as the kid who lobbed one over Federer on World Tennis Day.

Molly Sims (in gorgeous outfits, that dress! That skirt!) showing us her latest home renovation

Can we talk about Alan Alda's marriage? (That's one thing I never thought I'd write). They are the sweetest, most lovely, most down to earth, real couple. I loved reading this story. They met at a party when they were the only two people willing to eat cake that had fallen on the ground. Ha. Kindred spirits.

Do you French press? I love this fun "how to" infographic from Williams Sonoma

The woody is coming back!

Cards Against Humanity is online and free (to be honest, I like playing the real game though)

Get your tissues ready... this is pretty sweet

How to be a good friend when not so great things happen

As a single gal, everyone asks about my experiences online dating. "Online dating is like your fifth glass of whiskey. It may complete you, but it may also make you cry." YEP.

Dips for lunch, what a grand idea!

This Tumblr is hilarious

Most beautiful Brooklyn home

Do you Spin?

A manners manifesto (I like the ending)

Celebrity women talking about the women who inspire them

A great article about style and how to achieve it, simply

200 words, an entry fee, and an Inn in Maine could be yours!

I have a friend who works at Bon Appetit... Casey, I want to come to your office and play.

A lego set that highlights women on the Supreme Court! Supremely cool. :) (If only you could actually buy it...)

This Buzzfeed about klutzy people is... all me.

I loved this essay from Amelia from Bon Appetempt about wearing her mother's Rolex

An interesting take on Hillary's blackberry situ (just this morning I was reminding my mom that I barely had my first cell phone 10 years ago, history seems a little fast these days)

 The 2015 PEN/Faulkner Award Finalists (I've read one and have another on my list... gotta check out the other ones!)

This mushroom bourguignon is on my "to cook" list for next week before we're officially in spring!


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