Weekend Reads: Who runs the world? GIRLS!

"Rosie the Riveter cover" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

You guys know I love lady power (Gwenyth just used the word "Fempire" on instagram and I got excited). Well, this week, the last full week of March (aka Women's History Month) there have been a lot of inspiring, cool, wonderful female things to happen this week. Let's be inspired and impressed and awed by these smart, thoughtful, impressive women who are making history or making an impact.

Kerry Washington. Kerry Washington. Kerry Washington.

Sophia is pretty great and just wants some dino shoes

Audra McDonald sticking up for what she believes in on Twitter and sticking it to the Governor of Indiana, who signed some suspect, anti-gay legislation

An interview with the smart, cool, gorgeous Mindy Kaling--on a range of topics

Super Girl Scouts at the White House Science Fair quiz Obama about his brainstorming skillz

Angelina Jolie's brave, honest, informative editorial about having her ovaries removed

10 women on their female bosses. I've learned the most from my female bosses (thanks ladies!), and try to pay those lessons forward

Michele Obama wears girlie clothes to talk about serious things, and it's kind of a political statement

An interview with Fran Lebowitz

Mo'ne Davis, all star baseball player, all star person

Harper Lee's new book cover was released this week! Eeeek! So exciting.

The wonderful Kiernan Shipka on growing up on Mad Men

Big Sonia, a spunky 89-year-old holocaust survivor, is pretty darn inspiring.

And other, non-girl related things:

I want to go to the Utah Salt Flats.

The sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race are helping scientists by deploying buoys

Guys. Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable energy for (more than) 75 days. You go, Costa Rica!

Eat less animal products, less refined food, more veg and whole grains.

This new nonstick substance from MIT is pretty cool

Low cal way to cook rice BUT what happens when you turn it into leftover fried rice? Defeats the point, doesn't it?


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