Weekend Reads: Spring!

Happy first day of Sping! Sort of. Welp, Boston won the least coveted title of snowiest winter ever last weekend. It was so bizarre, I was out in a light jacket to get coffee with a friend at 10:30 am on Sunday. I bopped around Beacon Hill buying new make up, getting an extra key made, and all that fun stuff until around noon and went home. I then went back to Beacon Hill for dinner at my friends' apartment, and walked through INTENSE snow (white out, I could see only one block ahead of me), and was covered in crazy amounts of snow by the time I got to Matt and Lily's. They opened the door, grabbed a phone, and took a picture of me. Ha! The snow melted-ish quickly. On my walk home around 9:30pm it had mostly melted on the streets, the sidewalks were crunchy with melted-refrozen ice, and Monday morning at 6:45 it was ICY on my walk to the gym. Now we've had warm weather, snow, rain, and intense wind this week. New England just writes it's own rules when it comes to weather.

What an inspirational woman, teacher, and advocate... I can't believe more schools aren't named after her!

"This was not one of our best days."-Alex Trebek (Kinda makes you wish SNL Sean Connery was playing...)

WHOA Napa Vineyard Drama. This real life drama is made for TV...

Gemma Correll is hilarious.

Do you like Family Feud (don't deny it, we all kinda like it)? Well, here's Google Feud. It's all based on Google autocompletes. Awesome!

I remember this dancer from the documentary First Position, and my old publishing house published her book. Pretty cool.

I TOTALLY thought the seeds + the white stuff were what made peppers spicy. NOPE. Just the white stuff.

This jacket is so chic. And not too crazy-expensive!

13 reasons why book stores are better than Amazon (the GIFs in this are awesome)

Lately I feel like I've been in a food rut--it's roasted veg, steamed veg, turkey meatballs, chili. Time to break out of it!

Interesting take on whether a pediatrician would rather her child use pot or booze. As a non-parent, I still found it compelling

Want to work at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (yep, Kate and Wills) country estate? Job opening

The drought in CA is scary. What can you do? This article is really interesting. Celebrate World Water Day on Sunday by reading it and doing something about it. "If you eat just six fewer 4-oz burgers per year it'll save as much water as not showering. The. Whole. Year."

Gender Equality bake sale, this is kind of amazing. I like these high schoolers.

Interesting history of religion and it's perceived place in the history of America. "The founding fathers didn’t create the ceremonies and slogans that come to mind when we consider whether this is a Christian nation. Our grandfathers did.

Who is ready for the new show, Lip Synch Battle


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