Weekend Reads: Cool Nights

Lobster Roll from Chatham Fish Pier

And, it's officially the last weekend in August--I was at the gym this week at 7:30 p.m. and the sun started to set and it felt a little sad. And I brought a long sleeve shirt for my bike home just in case. I didn't use it, but... it's starting to feel like better the evenings are getting cooler, don't you think? I love this time of year. I think my favorite months are August and September and October. Indian summer, I'm rooting for you.

Functional, cute shower caps? I'm in! (Via

50 dental students from Chapel Hill went to Syria and provided services to over 800 people there. All because they were honoring their friends who died in a shooting.

Remember Rayanne Graff from My So-Called Life? Picture her... as a duchess. Yes, she is basically the Countess of Grantham's equal. (via Vanity Fair)

If only I had a dining room, I might consider a round dining table. Some classics (via Apartment Therapy)

Amazon is apparently going to be delivering alcohol... Uh oh. (via Refinery29)

Instagram is going landscape, portrait AND square! (via Instagram)

I was catching up on podcasts last weekend while I drove to Cape Cod, this series from This American Life about education and segregation was really interesting and made me think (via NPR). When I spied this article (via Wired) about how segregated America is on Facebook it popped out at me so I clicked through and wow. 

A really great interactive article about the radio coverage of Katrina in New Orleans. (Via BBC)

Apparently Documentaries Now is a new spoof show lots of people are loving. Might have to check it out! (via IFC) Also, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are going to star as sisters in a movie!! (Via HuffPo)

What happened to the stock market? (via NYTs) (I really, really, wish Sloan Sabbith was still around to explain it to me)

The moms of the three guys who thwarted the terror attacks on the train in France got to see them receive an award in France when the CEO of Columbia Sportswear lent them the company jet.

7 non-flower centerpieces--so pretty! (via Apartment Therapy)

Dateonomics is a little scary (yep, I wouldn't date anyone without a college degree...) (via Time)

Which is an image of a moon among images of frying pans? (It's hard.) (via the Telegraph)

Logos using their rivals colors. This is freaky. (via AdFreak)

Serena Williams--the GOAT (greatest of all) is making a run at another Slam and the NYTs has a great profile/opinion piece on her--what an inspiring athlete.

I pretty much pinned every after image on this before/after (via Amber Interiors)


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