Weekend Reads: Packing it up.

Delta Spirit, Deer Tick, and Dr. Dog at The Sinclair

I find myself yawning a lot this week. At the tail of summer I like to smash as much into the week as possible. I saw Delta Spirit and friends on Friday night (GREAT show) and have had plans every night since then except Wednesday, when I basically crashed at my apartment and attempted to eat everything in my fridge so it wouldn't go bad, ha! Are you like that at any point of the year? I hope you're drinking in all of summer, too! I'm off to the Cape on Sunday for a wedding. Should be fun!!

Mindy Khaling's Guide to Confidence

President Obama's Summer Spotify Playlists and summer reading lists (Dude, it's the middle of August, next time maybe release this a little earlier?)

Compliments that have nothing to do with beauty. (I really like "I hope I know you for a long time")

I <3 T. Swift, and this video parody of calling people on stage made me laugh.

Glamorous women (I love #2)

New fall (already?!?) TV shows to watch

Cute brown cross body saddle bag (for less than $60!)

Project Sunroof? How cool!

We need to rescue America from this horrible plague. The plague of cargo shorts.

Meal preparation tips--pretty smart! I ascribe to a lot of these!

I've always been a fan of Heidi Klum. Her sense of humor is great. 9.99? Still a 10 I think...

Beach vacationers (and people who live at the beach) tend to be extroverts!

Gloucester stopped arresting drug users who ask for help and instead puts them in detox/treatment. And it seems to be working.

What will happen if I can't pick up my phone RIGHT NOW (via/ Cup of Jo)

Cute top!

Two impressive women are graduating from Ranger school for the first time. Sidenote: I know one of the women who didn't complete training. She, unfortunately, tore her rotator cuff in the first week of training and was pulled by medics. She's a STRONG woman, too. Hope she makes it someday.


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