What to Watch: Sons of Anarchy

Oh dear, dear, Netflix, you have co-opted my time. And I both love you and hate you for it.

Since I got rid of some cable stations this spring, I don't have any TV to watch in the summer. I've been looking for something new to keep me entertained and one of my friends recommended Sons of Anarchy. I was like, do you know me AT ALL? What would make you think I'd be interested in a biker gang TV show? 

Then I remembered that my friend Sprague was in it and I meant to watch it when it originally came out.

Then I saw that Netflix was recommending it to me.

Then another friend recommended it to me and I overheard people talking about it at the water fountain.

I knew it was time to act.

I casually queued up Sons of Anarchy one night thinking I'd watch an episode of two while tidying my apartment and see what I thought. FOUR EPISODES LATER I was stuck to the couch and it was past my bedtime. I was hooked. 

While SOA (that's it's nickname) is about a biker gang, it's also a family drama, it's about a community, and it's about power-struggles. I can't get enough--it's so well acted, so well written, really compelling... The characters are complex and there are some STRONG female characters (always a plus in my book). There are characters I love, characters I hate, characters I change my mind about and root for or root against... Sometimes I need to google things (I had no clue what Sam Crow was, needed a refresher about characters and a few biker terms I wasn't aware of). Apparently it's loosely based on Hamlet (but I can't bring myself to google the connection until I finish the whole series... No spoilers please!)

Basically it has everything I like in a plot whether it's a book or a movie or an article. I highly, highly recommend this show.

I'm even upset after the fact that my fav characters never got any Emmys for this show. SO MANY SNUBS.

See the trailer below to see if you *might* be interested in watching. (You will be. How can you resist handsome Jax?!?)


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