Weekend Reads: Mid August

How is it already mid-August?! I have so many things I want to do before the end of warm weather roles around--more pie, more collected shells, more outdoor projects, more ice cream, more bike rides... What's on your list of things to complete before summer is over?

So many breakups lately (Gwen and Gavin?! Ben and Jen?! That country music couple whose names are escaping me?! Miss Piggy and Kermie?!). Who's next? Barbie and Ken? Here are some other classics who are taking a break.

My friend Kelly's ice cream company The Galley was featured in the Globe

How we laugh online anecdotally reviewed, and then Facebook's data-driven response.

Reading these sites will make you smarter.

Speaking of smarter... Shakespeare might have been a pot smoker. After seeing/reading/being in Midsummer Night's dream, is anyone surprised?

Hiroshima, accounts of people who were there and are still alive.

Since Trainwreck doesn't always translate, here are the movie titles in other countries.

Science says friendships you forge in middle school don't usually last. Accurate. HA!

Music to cook to.

An iPhone game that might just change how you think about energy.

It's tomato season. How are you going to eat them?! Here are a few recommended ways (that legendary sandwich has my name all over it). Speaking of, here's how to use an entire bunch of basil in a week.

Megan wrote a review of a health-focused travel destination and gives us the rundown.

Really interesting article about gender differences from the perspective of a woman. "Maybe it's time now to introduce our daughters to the truth of what it means to be a woman and teach them to never apologise for it." Also, 
A letter to daughters: do not aspire to be good.

The Miles Teller interview so many people are talking about. Hm.

Interesting article about when innocent people have been convicted and what the constitution thinks about it. After reading Just Mercy, I find this kind of stuff so interesting and heartbreaking.

As a Bostonian (who roots for the Patriots, but isn't a super fan or anything), I really like Tom Brady. That courtroom sketch debacal is pretty hilarious. The artist has apologized "obviously I apologize to Tom Brady for not making him as good-looking as he is." HA!

Prince Harry's (aka the cute one) beard is back. YUSSS.


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