Weekend Reads: The Sunday of Summer

Commute home on the Orange Line

My friend Abby posted a comment she overheard at her yoga class this week--"August is the Sunday of Summer". Isn't that so true? You want every last moment to linger in August when the humidity starts to leave and the air feels lighter. Every sunset is relished, every glass of wine enjoyed on a patio is savored, every cookout is another opportunity to try and outlast the bugs, every minute of sunshine and warm rain shower is celebrated. Here's to the next few weeks of August, the Sunday of Summer.

Judy Blume and the case of the accidentally-given-away book.

We're on the verge of an Ebola vaccine. How cool is that?

Beautiful pictures of skyscraper peaks above the clouds.

The kindness of strangers.

I want three best friend dogs. (Maybe not in my teensy apartment, though, maybe instead when I have a giant home with a giant lawn and a nice fence... and a live-in dog walker.)

Chris Pratt. I like him and his sense of fun.

This spotify map of music in is so neat!! It creates playlists based on what people in that area listen to that makes their taste different from other places.

Ever get overwhelmed by NYers? This newsletter tells you what articles to read in each issue so you can toss the old issues. Finally.

The obsession with Cold Brew (GUILTY) has increased demand for coffee beans like whoa.

Escape via underground tunnel. The cartels are really good at building secret tunnels.

As we ramp up for the next presidential election, the guy who runs Starbucks has some interesting things to say.

Thick hair always gets the shaft. This is so funny.

NYTs take on RBF.

Do you GIF text? I love it. But I only do it with people I think will get a kick out of it. (Mostly my friend Allison).

Playing tennis this weekend? Ever wonder why the score starts at Love? Now you know.

Nat Geo Photography Competition. Which one's your fav? Also, the moon photo-bombing the earth.


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