Weekend Reads: Earth Day

It's earth day today and I'm feeling bad that I drove a car to work, so I'm going to try and be extra green all weekend. We'll see how it goes. Are you celebrating?

Time to prep for the return of GOT.(via Esquire)

Yep, Iceland seems like it should be next on my list of trips. (via NYTs)

This blind date at a book shop has me all awwwwwww. (via Facebook) Why I Write Scary Stories for Children, an essay. "The goal isn’t to steer kids into stories of darkness because those are the stories that grip readers. The goal is to put the darkness in its place." (via the Atlantic) The Pulitzer Prizes have been announced!

Alert: BABY GOATS IN SWEATERS. (via Mashable)

A great ad by Corvette (via AdWeek)

More articles about Rome. EXCITING. So soon!

This indigenous tribe, who sees themselves as guardians of the forest, is BADASS. Way to go. (via Quartz)

This tradition might be the best way to use your I Voted sticker, ever. (via a friend on Facebook)

10 things you didn't know about Serial. (I know the author :)) Apparently Saturday is #Shakespeare400 (the 400th anniversary of this death, grim) This will help you determine which play to watch. This will tell you which character you are

Four men with very different incomes open up about their budgets. (via Esquire)

A woman is painting her way through all of Bob Ross' painting episodes. (via HuffPo)

Harriet Tubman is going to be on the $20 (and more)! (via WaPo)

A video of a guy hand drawing some iconic logos--mesmerizing. (via Facebook)

The awkward quiz (via the Man Repeller) All the times Kate Middleton played sports in heels (via Cup of Jo via NY Mag)

This poem is really great (particularly if you're a Bostonian driver) (via a friend on Facebook, via Poetry Foundation)

I'm super jealous of this lady's cool houseboat. (via Refinery29)

An interview with my fav Boston Restauranteurs (via Eater)


  1. Remember when we were going to meet in the middle to go to Iceland? It's on my list still too!

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!! It seems sooooooooo gorgeous.


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