Weekend Reads: The Final Countdown

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Official One Week Countdown until I leave for Italy!!!!! I'm working from my mom's today due to a car situ that is slightly more annoying than I had anticipated. WAH. But I just keep thinking, in exactly 1 week I'll be going to the airport and headed toward Italy. 

Some links to check out:

Props to Kelly Ripa. (via NPR) Is Oprah a girl boss? Is RBG? Interesting piece from Cup of Jo. Hillary's path was paved by all of the women who ran ahead of her. (via NPR)

DeAndre Levy, a pro football player, on violence against women. (via the Players Tribune, via HuffPo)

7 New Podcast recos from Cup of Jo. And some from Beautiful Mess.

Interesting take and conversation on Lemonade (via Man Repeller) Seems like her formation world tour is off to a greattttt start. (via Elle) Rather than buy People Mag, just read this or this. (via BuzzFeed and Gawker) And, time to read up on Warsan Shire, who's words made up a lot of the visual album (via NYer)

Obama's Economic Legacy (via NYTs Magazine)

Pete Frampton's Tiny Desk Concert (via NPR)

One of my bffs visited from NYC this weekend and we discussed Justin Trudeau. I wish he was American and I could vote for him to be president. :) NYTs has an article about how everything he touches turns to (viral) gold.

The history of traffic in Boston (via WBUR)

Ever wonder what percent in income you are? I'm a lower number than I thought. (via WaPo)

Weeding books from the library. (via NYer) Around the world in 80 Books (via BookRiot) This coffee table book (picture book?!) about the joy of swimming is so up my alley (via Brain Pickings)

Beautiful photos of ballet dancers in Cuba (via HuffPo)

The largest Lion Airlift Ever (via NYTs)

Food photographer of the year (via BBC)

Nancy Drew (one of my first heroes) turned 86 yesterday. The secret history of the Girl Detective (via Smithsonian) Ned went to Emerson (via Boston)


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