Weekend Reads: Ice Cream Party

Photo courtesy of The Galley Ice Cream, photo by Pete Rufo

This evening, I'm going to a really, truly, exciting party. One of my friends since I was very very little started a company a year ago, and this is The Galley Ice Cream's first birthday. Kelly makes de-li-cious ice cream--she tested the recipes faithfully, when she bought a pasturizer she tested them and changed them until they were back to her exacting level of yumminess. She's inspired by everything--local companies, documentaries, cook books, friends, customers, and just anything. She works hard every day--from testing recipes, to talking to health inspectors and dealing with her space in a shared kitchen, to delivering ice cream, churning ice cream, producing ice cream, updating her web site and social media, selling wholesale, to overseeing photo shoots, coming up with new ways to get herself out there, to working farmers markets and pop up shops. I am just so, so incredibly proud of her. Her product is imaginative, fun, and superior quality. I'm just incredibly proud of her passion, bravery, and drive. She works so so hard. And it's just a complete joy to see. If you're in the Boston area, come to Night Shift Brewery in Everett tonight to help me celebrate this success. Or, you can order online if you're in the area (I highly recommend the Cold Brew Coffee).

Some links for your weekend:

Look at all of these women running for office. COOL! (via god knows what gov site that is) This woman, Samantha Jayne, wrote a book and produced some hilarious, spot on videos for it--def watch the Mom Talk one (via AdWeek) P.S. DO NOT miss her instagram feed. I feel a girl crush coming on. Natasha Lamb and I are acquaintances... and I wish she was my bff. I'm so impressed with her work at Arjuna for the environment and gender pay. This profile on her is great. I wish I has $$$$ to invest with Arjuna! (via Forbes) Zaha Hadid died this week at 65. Her beautiful architecture will be her lasting legacy. Seven of her works in the New York Times. The women's US Soccer team and how different the payscale is (even though they brought in $20M more in revenue last year than the men, they're paid much, much less). (via NYTs)

By the Book with Gwenyth Paltrow (via NYTs)

This April Fools column from Frank Bruni about college admissions made me laugh. But probably only because I'm 33 and don't have to deal with this nonsense. (via NYTs) 

I hope this isn't an April Fools joke... Louis CK, Jonathan Franzen, Anderson Cooper, and others to compete on Jeopardy. (via Vox) the best and worst April Fool's Jokes (via TechCrunch)

I think I'm going to try this lunch meal plan on Sunday... (though I'm not so into hardboiled eggs, so... eh to that) (via BuzzFeed)

Jim Harrison died this week. He wrote Legends of the Fall, so he's partly to blame for our Brad Pitt obsession in the 90s. He also wrote essays, books, and poetry. Since reading more poetry is a goal for 2016, I've checked a book of his poetry out from the library. You can read seven of his (beautiful) poems here. (via lithub)

Guys. The Justin Trudeau amazement continues. WHOA. (via Mashable)

Update on Making a Murderer: Dean Strang has his on docuseries! (via AV Club) and Steven Avery's lawyer is going after the police (via Newsweek)

How to pronounce French brand names (via Business Insider)

This is pretty amazing.

This island is about to get all its energy from America's first offshore wind farm.
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