Weekend Reads: Spring has Sprung

Posted by Cocoa Butter on Friday, April 1, 2016
I noticed that my weekend reads post last week went live, but then was somehow deleted! I tried to include some of the links I remember having in there this week, but, ugh! Annoying. I'm off to VT this weekend to see some old friends and get out of the city. I'm excited! I haven't been to Vermont in ages and it will be nice to be out of the city for a bit. The trees are blossoming (despite the warm then cold then colder then warm weather) and things are picking up. It's exciting to come out of our shells during spring. I feel like I need to stretch to the sky and unfurl myself, somehow.

How to transition from winter to spring, illustrated. (via New Yorker)

Types of Friend groups--so on point. (via Man Repeller) Not to over-do it on TMR, but this Happiness Diet seems like the antidote to my last week's sourpuss 'tude. 

Beautiful artwork of super models, like you've never seen them (via Harper's Bazaar)

This is so bizarre... A new painting "by" Rembrandt (via Kottke)

I love Bonnie Raitt, too. Though Make You Love Me would totally be my pick for an encore, so, sorry to disagree author. :) (via NYer) This 9 year old reporter is all business and knows what's up. (via NY Mag) Beverly Cleary turned 100. (via WaPo)

If you haven't seen these brothers prank their sister, you're a) missing out and b) behind the times. (via Elle) Also, I used to work with Sylvie's mom (and she's lovely). I've been giggling at the pics of her daughter when suddenly, she went viral. (via BuzzFeed and HuffPo, and Becky, ha) Who is looking at who at the gym. Made me giggle. (via the Oatmeal) Decoding email sign offs (LOL) (via NYer)

This dress that Kate Middleton wore in India. So pretty. Even though it snowed in Boston (this) last week (ugh ugh ugh), these under $100 sandals have me excited for summer! (via Victoria McGinley)

Is Staying in the New Going Out? (via NYTs) Wondering which book to read next? This quiz might (maybe?!) help. (via Buzzfeed)

An Octopus escaped! (via NYTs)

The best ice cream shops in each state (via PureWow) It's like Food52 knows me or something. It was Italy week over there. Pasta shapes and which sauces to pair them with. What Italians are eating.

Serious article about how restaurants are lying to you about local (and other stuff). I was totally enthralled. A must read! (via Tampa Bay)

Inspiring article about a guy who graduated from Colby the year before me. (His nickname was an Austin Powers character in school, but everyone liked him) (via Runners World)

Some great Google hacks (that Temperature one!!) (via the Everygirl)


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