Weekend Reads: Faster. Higher. Stronger. (The Olympic Motto)

I'm so excited for the Opening Ceremonies tonight!! I'm going to a friend's, we're making Frose, and we're celebrating the world coming together to celebrate athleticism. And I'm not turning on the news all weekend! What are you up to this weekend?

THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING. I want a Squad Goal shirt. (via Simone Biles on Facebook) 100 Olympians to watch in the Olympics (via The Guardian) Hehehehe (via Simone Biles on Twitter) US Swim does Carpool Karaoke (via Rio)

Want a pocket Constitution? Get one from the ACLU for gratis until the election. (via HuffPo) Vote! Your voice is important. (via NYTs) Water politics, Israel, and desalination. Science is SO interesting. (via Scientific American)

This lady is pretty impressive. Her essay on getting a daybed was about much, much more. (via Cup of Jo)

Nine books to read before summer wanes (via Omnivoracious)

All of the LaCroix flavors, ranked (via Thrillist)

Cargo Shorts should be rounded up and burned in effigy, IMHO. (via WSJ) MObama isn't the only one to make fashion waves at state meetings. Check out this $10 clutch (via Mashable)

Do you listen to music while at work? (via INC) This is great. (via AdWeek)  GIGGLING (via Elle)


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