Weekend Reads: Kicking sand

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I took today off of work to go to the beach with one of my ladies. She's a native beach-goer, too, which is so nice. We can hang, catch up, and be chill at the beach. I love reading at the beach and haven't done it AT ALL this summer. I'm ready for a low-key day at the beach. I have to stock up on my sunblock!! I kicked 2 tubes last weekend! It's August, and there are some crazy-hot days and some cool tones to the air. We're getting closer and closer to crackling leaves and crisp air, but I want to soak in every moment of summer before that happens.

The Definitive History of the Lobster Roll (via Downeast) Whole Wheat or Multi-grain? (via Real Simple) Ina's new NYC apartment (that kitchen! that library!) (via Town & Country) Give me all of the tomatoes (via The Kitchn) I just did this and it was such a good feeling. (via the Kitchn) If I can find some apricots, I'd love to make this. (via Smitten Kitchen) This is so cool. But is it worth $55!?! (via Food52) Advice from April Bloomfield (via Glamour)

Amy Schumer By the Book (via NYTs) I can't wait to see this movie (via Shine) Brendan Dassey's conviction has been overturned!!! (via NPR) Books being turned into movies!! (via Vulture) I can't wait to see this documentary on PBS.

Cup of Jo has a new list of the best podcast episodes--I love the ones they recommended, added the ones I haven't, and am reading the comments for more! Presidential tunes.

The 25 best museums in the world (I've been to 4!) (via Popular Mechanics)

This is hilarious. (And disgusting. But primarily hilarious.) (via my godmother on Facebook) I wear wool in the summer and look ridiculous because of this. (via HuffPo) "I don't want that for you." Crying with laughter. (via Vanity Fair)

I really want this bag in Pewter but kind of hate contrast stitching... should I go with black? Wait it out? (via J Crew)

This is who I picture HRC to be. (via HuffPo)

The Structure of Gratitude. (I think I'm one of the people he's talking about in this) (via NYTs) More and more I find my friends and I talking about how we envision our parents and our lives intersecting as we get older--it would be nice to have them in a spot where you can keep an eye on them but also give them their space. This place is sort of the reverse of that, but really an interesting concept. (via Dwell) I find this op-ed heartbreaking and hopeful. We desperately need to address the endemic, systemic problems with police forces in this country, while maintaining respect and gratitude for the police. What a tough problem to solve. (via NYTs) Genuinely kind people (via Apartment Therapy) While I don't have children, I really loved this thoughtful post about... well, about life and what Amelia wants out of it, from one of my favorite blogs, Bon Appetempt.

More Olympics, because I can't stop (won't stop).

I can't watch this without smiling.

Bolt (wow). Bolt (HAHA).

Fu Yuanhui is at it again. (via BBC)

Hehehehe (via NBC)

This is hilarious. (via Gemma Correll)

The new Sports Illustrated Cover  (via SI)

This makes my heart soar! (via HuffPo) So does this. (via WaPo) So does this.

Gary + Paul = my favs (via the Independent)

The Olympic ads are on point (and make me wish I was working on one of these accounts). The nun. The gold. Rule Yourself (best song) (and I still love this one). Keep Playing. Summer like a Winter. My personal favorite.

Pssst Kindles on sale!


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