Weekend Reads: Insert weeping emoji

Can you get enough of the Olympics? I'm crying in pride and happiness and I don't even know these competitors! I'm a sap. It's true, but seeing their hard work pay off? Seeing their inhuman feats?! It's insane, inspiring, and gives me such a good feeling in the pit of my heart. Seeing them cry, too, has me in a puddle. I love seeing how much respect they give each other. Here is some coverage that has me delighting in others' achievements:
Parents watching the gymnasts.
Twitter reacts to Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky (via BuzzFeed)
Laurie Hernandez. <3 (via Vulture)
Peace and respect while competing (via ABC)
If you're not following Leslie Jones, you need to start (via The Week)
Phelps is a beast. (SUCH A CRAZY BEAST). So is Lochte
I love this Chinese swimmer. (via NYMag)
Martha Karoli is retiring and has had an amazing impact on the sport. (via NYTs)
I can't believe the teams will be winnowed to just 4 members next time around. That's so few! And these girls work so incredibly hard. I wish the teams could be bigger.
I wasn't aware of these women, but they're awesome.
Loved this ad during the games.
Simone Manuel. SIMONE MANUEL.

And some additional, non-olympics (what's the point?!) reading:
This is hilarious. (via HuffPo) How do I get my hands on the best in show cheese(s)? (via NYTs) Food related pet names (via Food52)

Lauryn Hill's performance is awesome. Can you imagine still having to sing the same song 20+ years later? This rendition feels grown up. (via a friend on Facebook) Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been on the Supreme Court for 23 years. 23 quotes. (via HuffPo) Ocean's 8 People! (via NYTs)

Wow. This is an ambitious, important article (via NYTs Mag) This is a great article. Let's go inspiration hunting! (via IDEO) I don't have kids, but I found this incredibly interesting (via The Atlantic) I was riveted by this story... (via RadioLab) I had no idea about the history of Gleaning, and it's so interesting (via Food52) A profile on Ottolenghi (via GQ)

Reading leads to longer life. (via Quartz) I seriously need to do this. (via BookRiot) This woman is amazing. (via Slate)


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