What to Watch: Confirmation

I'm late to the Confirmation party. But I'm super interested in the Supreme Court lately (see my new fav podcast), and on Sunday when it was raining, I watched the HBO movie Confirmation about the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination, vetting, and confirmation.

The cast is GREAT. It stars Kerry Washington (who I loooooove) as Anita Hill and Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas. And Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden--he did a great job. I had no idea Joe Biden was involved in this confirmation process and find it so interesting how focused he is on sexual assault now. I wonder how much the whole process influenced him. I loved seeing Grace Gummer in the cast, too, as Ted Kennedy's aid who helped vet Clarence Thomas and rooted out Anita Hill in the first place. She seemed genuinely disgusted by the whole thing and I liked that her character and I had the same reaction to the whole mess and she and her counterpart in Biden's office, played by actress Zoe Lister-Jones, had a great dynamic that I found really interesting.  Alison Wright was Thomas' wife in the movie, and she seemed so familiar... now I realize it was because she was on the Americans! 

I learned so much from this movie--I was young when the confirmation took place and only knew that something crazy was going on, so this really educated me. And, sincerely grossed me out about the whole thing. What a political circus. Kerry Washington's performance made Anita Hill so relatable, it was clear that she (and her team) were the heroes in this story. I'm so glad that HBO made this movie. It's OnDemand at HBO now.

Trailer here:


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