Weekend Reads: Bestie in the HOUSE

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It's Columbus Day Weekend! A three-day weekend and I'm going to visit one of my BFFs in NY near the city. I can't wait to see her, her husband, her sweet little son, and her new baby boy. It's been too long. She and I have this awesome relationship that's solidly built on email. I think it's because she lived abroad for awhile, so email was the best way to stay in touch and we got into a great habit of just emailing most days--she knows when I'm in a brutal mood, when I'm excited about something or have done something cool. I ask for her advice and send her things that make me smile. And I know how she's feeling, what she's thinking about, what's on her mind. In a world that texts and likes Facebook status', I think that's pretty special and I really treasure our emails. I can't WAIT to see her!!! What are you doing this weekend?

RBG has life advice. I'm taking it. (via NYTs) Obama on his legacy (via NYMag) Love this inside peek (via NYTs) I finally got around to listening to this podcast and it was SO good.

This Buzzfeed article about Blue Apron is CRAZY. (and BF has been doing some great investigative reporting lately!!)

My friend Ruth (see above) sent me this poem this week and I loved it. Did you know it was National Poetry Day on Thursday? National Book Award Nominees are here (via NYer)

Modern Love, read by Kristen Chenowith. So good. (via NYTs) This is a good reminder (via Cup of Jo) Social Menopause, so true it's hilarious. (via Man Repeller) Cool music chart (via wired)

My friends have intense fights about sound machines when we travel together. This article is being posted in honor of Kim. (via Cup of Jo) Teddy Ruxpin was my wingman as an elementary school student. This new one might not be so good at luring cute boys over to play with your robot as the orig was. (via Apartment Therapy)

Looking for something to do on Monday? (via Berkeley Repertory Theater) This is a map with passwords for Wifi at airports and it's regularly updated. Magical. 


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