Weekend Reads: Short and Sweet

I'm coming up for a breath of air--school has been overwhelming, exciting, and awesome!! Wish me luck and have a great weekend!

This list of makeup for redheads has me wish-listing a lot of stocking-stuffer items!! (via Refinery29) It Girls of every decade (via Vanity Fair)

Did you see Hamilton's America on PBS last Friday? I watched it on Demand on Saturday and it was really great! It actually made me want to read the Hamilton book. As a Shakespeare Nerd, I love this. (The Sonnet Project) This makes me tear up a little bit. (via HuffPo)

I loved these questions to ask when ordering wine (via Bon Appetit) GUYS. Is this good? Is it bad? Is it something I need to try? (via Imma Eat That)

America's Living Rooms, by the decade (via Apt Therapy) Alex Katz is partnering with H&M (via Vogue)

This was such a great SNL sketch last weekend (via WaPo)

A profile on Theo Epstein (via ESPN)

YES. Alex Trebec is THE MAN. (via HuffPo)

My favorite political ad of the season. Please elect Gerald. And this has me giggling (inappropriately)


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