Weekend Reads: Accomplishment

Tomorrow I submit my Financial Reporting and Managing Myself and Others class. I have an amazing sense of accomplishment about the Financial Reporting class in particular. I won't be getting an A, but I learned an INCREDIBLE amount at a super fast pace. I'm proud of myself. I hope I pass, I hope I pass, I hope I pass... Cross your fingers for me!!!

Great news Gmailers! Emails can now have giant attachments! (via Techcrunch) Dust off your resumes, Kate Middleton needs your help (via Techcrunch) 

This Ikea Storage hack is beautiful (via AT) These quilts... WOW I want all of them. (via Louise Gray) Tesla + Hawaii + solar energy, this is awesome. (via Mashable)

Five Boston Shops to check out (via the Kitchn) Things to do with coffee (via Coconut and Quinoa) Brilliant (via R29)

In school I learned that one of my main career anchors is Service / Dedication to a cause, and a friend and I were struggling to see ways that we could work in mainstream companies but still feel like we're making a difference when it comes to the social causes that are close to our heart. This Mashable article about HSBC helped me realize that it is absolutely possibly--you just have to change your mindset. And Nike, nicely done, and here too. And Patagonia.

Strong is the new pretty (via CNN) Emma Watson's beauty routine surprises (via Man Repeller) Unsure if I will love or hate this movie. (but I love Alice)

I realize this wasn't meant to be funny, buuuuut, I can laugh/cry through it. 

Great spring cleaning advice (via UnFancy) And spring wardrobe advice (via UnFancy)

Is everyone listening to this podcast that has snuck into the zeitgeist?

I love when W Magazine does these things:



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