Weekend Reads: Beach in Winter

School starts up again on Sunday and MAN do I have a lot of reading to do!! While I'm reading about statistics and strategy, you can read about this stuff. I envy you. :) I love going to the beach in the winter, and last weekend I went with my friend and her two kiddos in Maine. We brought hot cocoa in a thermos and a can of whipped cream. We wandered down the beach (the kids were in snow pants and everything) and when we got back, we had a beautiful and fun hot cocoa picnic. How sweet is that?!

These new bank notes are beautiful (via Kottke) Millenial Pink (via NYMag) The signs for the Marathon this year are beautiful (via MassLive) Wow. (via NYTs)

Alexander and the v bad, FML day (via NYer) Stream Drake's new music. (via rap-up) Reading Ramona aloud to kids (via Book Riot) New PBS TV show about The Bronte Sisters!! Count me in on watching it next week, as long as my homework is done. (via T&C) <3 this story of a cookbook author's relationship with her biography. Adding this one to the "to read" list. (via Food52)

This Is What Readers Think Is Missing From Every Home (via Domaine) These roof tiles are innovative and so cool! (via techcrunch)

Joy the Baker's favorite cookbooks (via Edible Manhattan) Alter Ego party (via not without salt) This is so weird but also, I'm kinda into trying it. (via F52)

I will never take an opioid. This report is shocking. (via VOX) Whales! What is going on?! (via Popular Science)

This article about how nationalism can take hold in a community was really insightful and thought-provoking (via NYTs)

Sociologists, we should listen to them in policy debates (via NYTs)
What to do before signing a petition (via Teen Vogue)
Adam Schiff, representative for the people (via Think Progress)
Comey is basically Dar Adal in Homeland, right? And Trump is Nixon in real life. Paranoid, insular, and out of touch.
The President is already a joke (via Vanity Fair)
How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps (via NYTs)
Eat the Poor (via MTV)
A woman I used to work with wrote this, and man, it's heartbreaking.


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