Weekend Reads: When things come together

So, twice in the last week I've had difficult concepts make sense to me. Things I was really struggling to grasp, and then felt like I was making real strides. What a feeling!!! Dancing on the ceiling. :) But seriously, both times were thanks to the help of peers--working through tough spots, asking questions of those more knowledgeable, and just buckling down and doing it. 

Speaking of school... we watched this in class this week and I teared up. It is very similar to a promise I made to myself this year--tell people why you love and admire them when the opportunity arises. Now, I just have to add, give thanks to people when they deserve it. Once I hand in my finals next week, I'll be sending thank yous out to the universe, but particularly to my study group members who have really facilitated a lot of my learning.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates think America is already great, thanks to immigrants (via the Atlantic) Never thought I'd say this, but Bush 43 has some valid and good points. (via Politico) The Americans is suddenly relevant (via Slate) The new working class (via NYTs) hehehe, Levity (via HyperAllergic)

Good job Brie Larson. (via Buzzfeed) RBG's workout. YAS QUEEN. (via Politico) Girl Power Legos (via Mashable) This Man Repeller piece hit my in my heart. Even those close to us sometimes make excuses for your abuser. And it is not right. Can't wait to see Amy Schumer's new special on netflix, but I'll be blushing the entire time (via Jezebel) Good point, Teen Vogue

Have you read Elizabth Bishop's poem One Art (the art of losing isn't hard to master)? I always loved that poem. A new biography on her sounds so insightful and compelling. (via NYer) If the Oscars were for books instead (via LitHub) Listen to Zadie Smith read a story about Billie Holiday (via NYer)

Eight plastic habits to quit. (via Sarah Wilson) The best parts of living alone (via COJ--read the comments) This jacket is cute... I'm thinking about it.

Have you ever heard of THIS black list? So interesting that I might just pony up to read the case (via HBR)  Netflix is trying to both keep you on your couch, and get you off of it. Hahaha. (via QZ) Typography is important. (via Medium)

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