Weekend Reads: Spring Break!

My study set up last weekend at the Athenaeum

GUYS, I got good grades on CORE 2 at Babson and I'm so stoked. WOO HOO. Work is crazy, so I'm glad I don't have any schoolwork to do because people, it would be a lot. I'm taking this week and next to do some reading, some thinking, some catching up. I'm heading to Maine this weekend to visit friends. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did you know the Potato Famine wasn't just (or even mostly) about a fungus? (via Paste Magazine)

Comfort Food: The Importance of Reading Aloud as Adults (via The Millions) The tournament of books, 2017, is ON (via The Morning News) I <3 the Oxford Comma (via Boston Mag)

This is a fun ad story from Mad Men / Heinz (via AdWeek) Just came across this list from Nora Ephron and it feels like poetry and made me really introspective (via Lists of Note) The Chrissy/Jon love just fills my heart, which is weird because I don't know them, but hey, better that than other news out there right now. (via Elle)

Boaty McBoatface is back and on a mission. (via NYTs) OMG THIS IS ANXIETY INDUCING! (via Mashable)

Activate wanderlust (via T&C) I've actually been to Ballymaloe, but that was before I was into cooking. I need to go back! (via Blender) Something about Ruth Negga's face (her beautiful eyes?) and countenance screams old Hollywood glamour, but she makes it modern, fresh and quirky and I love it. (via MR) 
Bag of Tricks (J Crew Blog) 

Kindness is a reward in itself (via Teen Vogue) Mass Incarceration, in charts makes me sad, angry, and ready to take action. (via Prison Policy Institute)  Calling works, don't stop. (via WaPo) WOW, this is so insightful--white welfare in America (I'm a recipient) (via Forbes)

I love this Kitchen! So pretty. (via Decor8) Should I use a Pegboard in my kitchen? I think I just might try one out! (via AT) Ok, this amount of organization is AMAZING (via AT)

A narrative about Anthony Bourdain's finances, who thought that could be interesting? Not me! But it was! (via WealthSimple)

McSweeney's is always hilarious. This Cape Cod essay is so funny!!


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