Let's bag it

Despite the fact that I'm not in shape, that doesn't mean I don't try to be! I love my gym, Healthworks, it's all women and has great facilities (even if they are a little choppy now that they lost a floor...), great classes (I highly recommend Spin with Elise, Bar Sculpt with Elle, Fierce Fit Body... so many great ones). I'm at the gym at least 4xs a week. 1X: bootcamp, 1X work out with Tara S. (my awesome awesome trainer), 1 or 2X spin, 1X on my own.... depends on the week.

Sooooo, I need a bag to tote:
-Water bottle
-Work outfit
-Library books (you know that's big for me...)
-A computer (occasionally)
-Occasional snacks for coworkers
-Make up bag

I used to have this bag from Lulu Lemon that was almost perfect. It wasn't super expensive, a little over $100. Had a great pouch for dirty laundry. An area at the bottom for your sneakers... but. The clip on the side broke, and the zipper started to separate from the bag after like 6 mo. and it wasn't quite big enough. I couldn't get my computer in there and a library book with my gym stuff. They don't sell it anymore, but it did a good job of being a crossover bag that didn't look too too gym-y, you  know?

So, I've been looking ever since. I used this bag from J Crew kids, but it's pretty tiny--I have to use a computer bag too. It's only $37, which is perfect, but it's really not suiting my needs.

The bag I'm really really wanting is from Lo & Sons. It's PERFECT. It's called the O.G. 

Look at how cute it is! it's a gym bag that doesn't look like a gym bag. It's the perfect size. It has amazing compartments.

 It's amazing. And... it's almost $300 ($295) for a nylon bag. Wah wahhhhhh.

Look at everything it folds:

I want it. I want it soooooooo bad. In black. With gold hardware. It would be perfect.

BUT. I just can't seem to bring myself to spend $300 on a NYLON bag. No matter if it would be perfect.

In other news, did you hear about Kate Spade Saturday? Because they have a couple bags that are similar. 

And cheaper.

Here's the smaller version ($150):

Here's the bigger version ($180): 

or yellow

Good compartments in it... (can't get the image to work though...)

But not in black. What's a girl to do?!!?

Seriously. What should I do?!?!?!

Any other gym bags that would fit the bill and cost me an arm and a leg??


  1. jonathan adler started making totes & accessories...worth a look? or honestly, a diaper bag?


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