Red head in Paris

This is such a sweet little video. It really makes me want to go to Paris.

I was there a couple years ago while visiting my friends Ruth and Peter in

There are so many lovely things about Paris--the pace of the city, the beautiful French women who look so effortlessly chic that it's unfair, the beautiful architecture, the children all decked out in gorgeous clothing, the art, the food--oh the food, and the history.

I'm nothing if not a sucker for history. I love walking those streets--particularly in Montmartre--and thinking about everyone who had been there before me. Picasso, Edith Piaf, the revolutionaries, Victor Hugo, Napolean, Chopin, even Jim Morrison. It's such a special place. Sometimes I wish I had some sort of international job that would let me live in a different city every year. One year Paris, another year London, another year Amsterdam, the following year San Francisco, another Reykjavik. Anyone know where I can find that job? What skill set I'd need? I'm totally up for it. :)

Where are you dreaming of lately?


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