Scene cut from This is 40. (OK fine, this is another post about the Kardashians, I can't help it!!!)

Did you know that Judd Apatow has a daughter? And that she's a little hilarious? And are you surprised by that info? I wasn't really.

Who's Your Favorite Kardashian? - watch more funny videos

And now just to discuss The Kardashians. You know I'm a fan. I mean... yes. 


Kim is a little bit of a Diva. Kris is a little jealous of her daughters. The younger Jenner girls are stunning and adorable in their silly youth. Kourtney is so dry, I kind of love her humor. And Khloe, oh Khloe, I would LOVE to be friends with you. And I seriously hope you're pregnant. And I love Lamar. I evenly secretly like Scott. And Rob. Try not to judge me, but it's true. ;)

Imagine being part of such a fun family? Sometimes I wish I had a huge family like that, with tons of siblings. It seems like it would make life a little more interesting (and WAY more clothes to swap around...). These days, you have to be a bajillionaire to have that many kids (how many are there? At least 6. Not counting the Jenner boys.) If only the 'dash's had red hair I could totally blend in and play along... ha.

But back to Apatow. I hope she goes into the business, she seems like a natural!!!


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