The best brownie I've ever had

You guys. I made the best brownie ever last night. It was magical.

My friend Lily and I braved the snow and went out on an adventure.

My apartment

Beacon street

The plan was to buy sleds and go sledding. Much to our chagrin...

Charles Street Hardware sold out of sleds! (see the sign on the door)

There we are, being bundled.

On Charles Street

People were skiing down Beacon Hill! They made jumps on Pinckney St.!

On our way home, we stopped for cream for the salted caramel for the brownies and wood for Lily's fireplace. The brownies were really simple to make--the caramel was easy, no need for a candy thermometer. The brownies were a one-bowl. We used amazing callebaut unsweetened chocolate.

We were patient. We let the brownies cool as we had dinner (and watched Ghost, I'd never seen it). And then Lily cut into the brownies. And she made a sound as she did that had us both rolling on the floor laughing. It was like a deep sigh. She made me cut in next, and I totally got it. They were PERFECT.

We each had a brownie, handed one off to her husband, and then had to wrap them up so we didn't eat any more. They were ooey, gooey with caramel, but the chocolate was dense and delicious and not too sweet. PERFECT.

I highly recommend that you make yourself a batch of these beauties.

Then, I braved the toboggan sled type course home... That's a car on the right. And I'm walking down Pinckney. Whoa!


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